World Lotteries


Here at Lottery Casino, we have all the bases covered to propel you into the world of the rich and famous!

EuroMillions Lotto

EuroMillions is a European Lottery game with the multi-million pond jackpots that will make your eyes water! One winning ticket can catapult your life usually expected of the rich and the famous. You get the chance to win these jackpots every Tuesday and Friday. How to Play EuroMillions.

New York Lotto

The New York Lottery is played and won by millions of people, not just those who live in New York! The prizes can be won on matching a low amount of numbers! The overall chances of you winning a prize stand at 1/46. How to play the New York Lottery.

Bono Loto


Bono Loto is Spins Lottery draw that is played on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 19.00GMT so plenty of opportunities to play! You have to match up 6 numbers from 1-49 to be in with a chance of winning. How to play Bono Loto.


EuroJackpot gives you the opportunity to pocket up to €90 million! Chose 5 numbers between 1-50 and two additional lucky stars! With 12 other prize tiers there a great chance of picking up a winning ticket!

Mega Millions

When playing Mega Millions Lottery you have the chance to scoop the biggest prizes lotteries payout! One winner took home $656 Million in one of the biggest payouts in history!

Play Power Ball Online

Power Ball is one of the most popular lotteries in America! The draw takes place twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday and prizes vary from $40 all the way up to $40 million!