Winning lottery ticket worth £21.000.000 found in womans purse

When you chose where to buy your lottery ticket, make sure you know where your ticket is!

Donna Stickley from Slough recently lost her winning ticket, only for it to turn up a week later at the bottom of her handbag! She always buys her UK Lotto ticket on the way to the pub on a Friday evening. But it was this Friday that she would win the £21million jackpot!

She knew that she had the winning ticket, but couldn’t find the winning ticket! When you buy your tickets online, you know where your tickets are all of the time!




Donna Stickley pocketed an amazing £21 million just from the one ticket! Through all the excitement and amazement of winning the lottery, Donna actually only through that she’d won £2 million. It was only when her husband checked the ticket that they realized it was actually a whopping £21 million!!

Mr. Stickley was still at work when finding out the news and didn’t know what to do: “I called and told her to put it somewhere safe so we could deal with it later. I suggested maybe she could go shopping or do something to take her mind off it – she was all over the place and I thought it may distract her until I finished work and we could decide what to do next. The rest is history,”

The lucky couple have the usual things planned; holidays, new cars and a new house. But the thing that is top of their list is to look after their elderly parents: “We are normal people. We do not want dramatic change. We are just going to try and comprehend what has happened. We intend to celebrate in style – we will do something we aren’t ever going to forget as this is an unbelievable time for us both,” said Mr. Stickley.


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