New York Lotto

One of the oldest online lottery games and being able to play online and one of the most popular!


New York Lotto


How to Play New York Lotto Online

The New York Lotto is one of the most popular lotteries in the United States and you can play it from anywhere in the world. Purchase your official lottery tickets online, choose six numbers from a 1-59 guess range, and you’re ready to win huge cash prizes in the next draw! You have the choice whether you use your Lucky Numbers, make a manual selection, or select numbers randomly (quick pick) when you purchase official lottery tickets online for this and other exciting lotteries.

How to Play Online

When you play, your tickets are automatically saved when you play online. You can get free tickets when you play and enjoy discounts when you buy your tickets online. The best think about playing online is that you can subscribe to future draws. Pick your favorite numbers, site back and relax knowing the numbers are being played for you!

How YOU can win the Jackpot

Just match six of the New York Lotto numbers to be line to receive the jackpot! The New York Lotto Jackpots usually start from around $2million. The pales insignificant compared to the rollover amounts. The Jackpot can roll over in the multiple of millions of dollars! Other JACKPOTS that can be won with ONLINE CASINOS

How to Claim Your Prize

When you play the online lotto, you are send a notification when you win a prize. You can choose to be notified by text, email or both. This helps as a reminder so that you don’t have to keep checking all those numbers. The prizes that you then win will be transferred automatically to your account where you can withdraw straight to your bank.

Helping the Wider Community

Not only does the lotto make a load of new millionaires a week, it also does a lot for charity. The New York Lotto supports education in New York State. The revenue that is generated by the New York Lotto contributes roughly 14% of the state education funding directly to local schools and education centers.