EuroMillions Lotto


The EuroMillions is a European Lottery game with the multi-million pond jackpots that will make your eyes water! One winning ticket can catapult your life usually expected of the richa and the famous. You get the chance to win these jackpots every Tuesday and Friday

EuroMillions ticket – how much does one cost?

EurMillions tickets can be fairly expensive when comparing them to the world tickets. One ticket will set you back £2.50 from the UK. From the rest of Europe one ticket will cost €2.50. You can buy your tickets online with multilotto

EuroMillions News and Events

Throughout the year, the EuroMillions draws are out of this world and are life changing! The EuroMillions jackpots regularly reach over £100million! In the UK the EuroMillions draws include the UK Millionaire Matchmaker, which guarantees new UK millionaires each week! The offer 5-Star events at amazing locations such as European Maker Draws, when multiple millionaires are created across Europe.

How you can play the EuroMillions Draw

All you have to do is select five numbers between 1 and 50 with two lucky star numbers between 1 and 12. Or you can just select the Lucky Dip for a random selection. With the ticket you will also get an automatic Millionaire Maker entry with every line you purchase.

With MultiLotto you can set up your purchases weekly, monthly or yearly so you don’t forget. And when you purchase monthly, you even get a DISCOUNT ON YOUR TICKET!

If you’re not going to set up the auto-purchase with MultiLotto make sure you pick up your ticket any time from 8am. The cut off to buy a ticket is 7.30pm Tuesday and Friday.

As stated before you can set up your direct debit payment with MultiLotto pick your numbers and they will automatically be entered.

Prize Breakdown of the EuroMillions

The aim of the game is to match up 5 of the main numbers along with two lucky stars. When there is more than one person who has matched the same numbers, the jackpot will be split. Plus, you have the chance of bagging the extra £1million if you match the Millionaire Maker ticket.

EuroMillions Jackpot – how big can it actually get??

In recent history, the EuroMillions jackpot has risen to €190m which is roughly £167m! Once it reaches this level the jackpot is capped. If the jackpot isn’t won at this level, the additional money is rolled into the next jackpot.


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