Euro Millions Jackpot Winning ticket

EuroMillions LottoEuro Millions jackpot €130 MILLION!!


Friday the 20th April will be one special day for one Euro Millions Jackpot winner! The prize money is set to be a staggering €130 million!

A Superdraw will guarantee a massive jackpot to the winner! It no one manages to select all the required numbers, it will roll over to the next draw! The Superdraw will continue to grow until it reaches €190Million. This is the cap, for full information about the Euro Millions draw – CLICK HERE.



The question is; what would you do if you scooped the Euro Millions Jackpot Superdraw? A holiday with family and friends? A mansion in the countryside?

One of the main questions that get asked to those winners, is would they go public with the news? Winning the jackpot can bring a lot of unwanted attention, staying anonymous is an option taken by most of the big winners.



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