EuroMillions Lotto

The biggest EuroMillions winner scoop $190m – will you be next??

EuroMillions Lotto








Everyone has that dream of picking up the winning lotto ticket. If you’re going to win the lottery you can’t go too far wrong with winning the EuroMillions! What would you buy with the winnings? A flashy car? Take your family and friends on that trip of a lifetime?




We all sit around and have a drink and a think of what we would do with those millions! The main thing is to remember where you keep your tickets! You can buy them online so you know that they are safe!




You can play the EuroMillions every Tuesday and Friday. The cut off to get your tickets is 19:30 and you can pick them up for £2.50 each. With MULTILOTTO you can pick up as many tickets you need! And best of all, you can buy your tickets by direct debit so that you don’t forget.


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